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Deb aka Web-Savvy MomWelcome to WebSavvyMom.com where there are always pictures, "Deb stories" and occasionally tech tips to improve your computer skills.

My name is Deb, a 30-something wife, mother, step-mother and dog owner of two one lab in Virginia. We entertain a lot and spend time with family and friends. I chronicle it all through pictures with my spin on what happened. Any resemblance to the truth is reserved by me because well, this is my blog.

To keep the lights on at home and beer in the fridge, I work as a web manager by day. I am by no means an expert but do know some shortcuts and tips on the computer and from time to time share them here.

I'd be lost without my blackberry and it's is rarely out of my sight. I seem to always be reading email, using instant messenger, Facebook and most recently twitter.

I started this blog in June 2008 and it keeps me regimented to take pictures of our life events and actually get them off the camera memory card. I carry a camera in my purse at all times and share random pictures on my other blog called Beach Urbanity.

Some common cast of characters seen on this site include in no particular order and with their real names...

My Family:
Deb - me
Tim – IT guy, known for 13 years and married for eight
Troy – 4 1/2 year old son
Cary – 18-year-old step-son who lives in Kentucky
Carson – 16-year old step-daughter who lives in Kentucky

My Siblings:
Tricia - older sister and her children Taylor and Dylan
Mike - older brother aka Uncle Monkey

"The Neighbors"
Chris and Caroline with their two daughters, Alexis and Morgan and newest addition, Ethan

During the summer, we love to spend time outside on the back deck, grilling, drinking beer and watching the kids play with frequent trips to my parents' lake house.

In the Fall, our house shifts into full scale college football watching. I graduated from Virginia Tech over 10 years ago with a degree in Communication Studies. If you've ever met a Hokie fan, you know it because of the pride.

At the start of the year, we usually take on numerous DIY projects and in the Spring get ready for summer by taking care of the yard and garden.

This blog randomly shares aspects of all these things and always includes pictures. I write to amuse myself and hope it extends to you as well. Here is a post about What My Handwriting Says About Me.

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Please follow along by subscribing in one of the many RSS/reader options and leave comments. If you feel comfortable, please include your email or blog address so I can respond.

Because I like to have the last word. Word.

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