Christmas 2012 aka Trying to Catch Up

January 15, 2013

I don't want to kid myself, it's not as much fun having a blog anymore when it's so much easier to post pictures to Instagram and Facebook from my new iPhone 5. Here is a few photos from Christmas that extended up until this past weekend. Tucker and Sandy under our Christmas tree.

Tucker and Sandy under Christmas tree

Tim being Tim.
Tim - Christmas 2012

My brother Mike aka Uncle Monkey

My Dad

Troy playing on my iPad at the lake house.
Troy on iPad

My parents opening gifts.
Jack and June at Lake Anna - Christmas 2012

My sister Tricia and her two kids on Christmas Eve.
Tricia, Dylan and Taylor - Christmas 2012

Troy in front of the tree.
Troy - Christmas 2012

Troy showing off his new hat on Christmas morning.
Troy in hokie bird hat - Christmas 2012

He just realized he got his own iPad for Christmas.
Troy - Christmas 2012

One more of his gifts.
Troy - Christmas 2012

Reunited with his big sister, Carson.
Troy and Carson - December 2012

More presents from The Bobfather and Grandpa.

Troy opening presents - January 2013

We had a great Christmas. I got a new iPad, new iPhone and a new tv for the bedroom. Tim got a bread maker he wanted and has made several loaves. Since I love bread so much, I'm sure there will be a lot more of me this time next year.

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