And Then He Turned 72 Months

November 20, 2012

When you first have a baby, you describe his age in months. Although I stopped once Troy turned one, he is now 72 months old or for those of you math challenged, six-years old.

Troy's 6th birthday Keeping with tradition, we invited just close friends and family over and their children for his birthday party this past weekend.

Caroline made him cake pops this year and so Chris put icing on a hamburger bun so we had something to put candles in.

Troy's 6th birthday party - November 2012 Troy's 6th birthday Troy's 6th birthday
It worked.

Here is the mandatory shot of my buddies, Nadya, Caroline, me and Kim.

Nadya, Caroline, Deb and Kim

Our fellow Costa Rican traveling partners, Kim and Pat.
Kim and JPK

Their daughter Emily.

The Laugher who has lost 65 pounds since January.
The Laugher

Troy with The Neighbors' two daughters, Alexis and Mo.
Troy, Alexis and Mo

After Troy opened his presents and blew out his candles. He addressed the group to say thank you for coming and for his presents.
Addressing his party guests to say thank you

The day I became a Mom, his second, third, fourth and fifth birthdays.

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Kim November 20, 2012 at 9:10 AM  

The picture of him covering his eyes brings tears to mine...I love that boy...

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