Jamaica, Mon

July 30, 2014

In June, we spent a week in Jamaica with 20 family members.
It was the same resort we went last year although with a lot less people.

 View from our hotel room

 If there was an event at the resort you can enter, we entered it. This included everything from talent shows, dance competition, volleyball, family Olympics to some I don't know what they were called exactly. I embraced my inner Bob Marley while on the island.



Wordless Wednesday - - The Soccer Ninja

May 14, 2014

Another soccer season is in the books and Troy's skills have gotten tremendously better than when Tim and Chris coached when he was four years old. There are still some kids on the field who clearly don't know what is happening or quite frankly, don't care.

 My DSLR camera was out of service for the last two months but I finally got in repaired. $200 later and reunited with my favorite camera, I captured the last two soccer games of the season.

 So much for this post being wordless.

Troy soccer - Spring 2014Troy soccer - Spring 2014

Troy soccer - Spring 2014

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Giving the Tooth Fairy a BOGO

May 5, 2014

Last night, we decided to remove both of Troy's front teeth to save the Tooth Fairy a trip. It took $5 bribe per tooth. Keeping with tradition of how he lost his first tooth, we shot it out with a Nerf gun.

The second one was more stubborn so we tied some dental floss around it and I yanked it out. I can now say that I will never be a dentist. It was such a gross experience.

His face will forever look different once the new teeth come in.



Picture Day - First Grade Edition

April 1, 2014

Just like we have done since he knew what "Say Cheese" meant, we practice smiles on the morning of picture day.
TNT Picture Day - April 2014 photo TroyPictureDay-1stGrade-April20143_zps8a428c7f.jpg
TNT Picture Day - April 2014 photo TroyPictureDay-1stGrade-April20141_zpse6e89243.jpg
TNT Picture Day - April 2014 photo TroyPictureDay-1stGrade-April20142_zpsc82ea794.jpg

Previous picture days in September 2012, March 2011, March 2010  and March 2009 and November 2008.

Troy had lots of smiles today as he was also recognized for being Student of the Month at his school.
Student of the Month - April 2014 photo StudentoftheMonth-April20141_zps655450c2.jpg

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