96 Months Old

November 18, 2014

I am now the mother of an eight-year old boy.

It's hard to believe that my tiny little baby is almost as tall as my shoulders. He can read. He can write. He has his own unique sense of humor that he can tell a story and add in suspense and humor.

Here is Troy when he turned two, when he turned threewhen he turned five and turned six. Last year, when he turned seven. And this one about the day he was born.

But now he's eight and he woke up and declared he must be taller and that his bedtime should be extended by 15 minutes. He also wrote in his journal exactly what he wanted to do for his family birthday party including the guest list and the menu (hamburgers, hot dogs, tortilla chips and carrot sticks) and what was on his wish list. But one thing he wants to do this week besides roast marshmallows is "burn his car seat" because he really wants to sit on either side of the backseat.

Troy and birthday cake

Happy birthday, Troy. We love the fire you bring to our house.



Let's Play Catch Up

October 14, 2014

Let's see, not a lot has happened in the last few months but a lot of fun stuff has as well.

We spent a week in the Outer Banks with our best friends in July. The same family from our joint trip to Costa Rica two years earlier.

Troy started second grade.

He is playing soccer again.

Troy got his hair cut and styled.

We take a picture to practice on picture day. These are the practice shots over the years.

We took a trip to Blacksburg to see Virginia Tech play football.
Troy in Blacksburg

Troy lost two more teeth in the same week as being the student of the month.

Then a week ago cracked his adult front tooth in half in P.E. class. He was walking at the time he fell.

We are already making plans for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, our first vacation to St. John in 2015 is booked. Time is going by so fast.



Jamaica, Mon

July 30, 2014

In June, we spent a week in Jamaica with 20 family members.
It was the same resort we went last year although with a lot less people.

 View from our hotel room

 If there was an event at the resort you can enter, we entered it. This included everything from talent shows, dance competition, volleyball, family Olympics to some I don't know what they were called exactly. I embraced my inner Bob Marley while on the island.



Wordless Wednesday - - The Soccer Ninja

May 14, 2014

Another soccer season is in the books and Troy's skills have gotten tremendously better than when Tim and Chris coached when he was four years old. There are still some kids on the field who clearly don't know what is happening or quite frankly, don't care.

 My DSLR camera was out of service for the last two months but I finally got in repaired. $200 later and reunited with my favorite camera, I captured the last two soccer games of the season.

 So much for this post being wordless.

Troy soccer - Spring 2014Troy soccer - Spring 2014

Troy soccer - Spring 2014

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